Requirements for Registration a Company in Indonesia

While you are opening up new business in Indonesia, you need to find out first about rules and regulations for foreign business in Indonesia. There are many rules and regulations you should know and one of them is you should register your business or company to the Indonesian government first. If your company wants to enlist legally, you should register your company and you can get such a license for running your business in legal way.

Well, before you are registering your company to the Indonesian government, you need to know there are some requirements you should know for registration a company in Indonesia.

The requirements are important things that you should have before registering your company for the registration a company in Indonesia. First requirement is the investment plan. This kind of requirements requires the foreign to invest their equity based on the classification because each of them has its different range of investment.

Thus, you should prepare the investment plan based on the classification of company you are built on. Second is about the paid up capital. Some foreign companies should have the minimum paid up capital based on the range of what Indonesian government decides.

Third requirement is shareholders. Every company has at least two shareholders even if it is an individual or corporate or perhaps combination of both. Fourth is Business Location. You should know exactly about the location you want to use for building up the business.

Those are the requirements you should know if you want to build a business in Indonesia. You should fill all the requirements to help you for registration a company in Indonesia. It is all what you need for helping your business to get enlisted and get legal for your company to the Indonesian government in the best way.

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